Monica Stewart - Artist of the Week

June 24th, 2019
Rhythm: Framed Art Print by Monica Stewart

Monica Stewart was born in St. Louis Missouri and moved to Oakland, California at the age of five. It didn't take long for her mother and father to notice Monica's artistic abilities. After years of support from teacher, mentors and her loved ones she received a 4-year scholarship to the San Francisco Art Academy. She also attended Chabot College and California State University, majoring in fine arts.

Utilizing African American themes in her art, Monica works with various mediums such as charcoal and chalk but her medium of choice is oil paints and pastels. Stewart's work has been widely recognized and featured on shows such as Romeo Must Die, Living Single and Waiting to Exhale. One of her most famous pieces, Rhythm & Joy was reproduced for a line of family record books, photo albums and journals. Her outstanding contributions have even graced the covers of popular novels.

Monica's goals as an artist is to create art that displays the deep personal experiences and tribulations of the African American population. These stunning pieces feature women dancing, praying and living everyday life. Such intimate creations come from her own personal experiences and those of the women that have surrounded, and continue to surround her in life.

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