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Abstract Art Abstract Expressionism Action painting American Movement
American Realism Analytical Cubism Analytical Realism Art Brut
Art Informel Automatic Painting Cloisonnism Color Field Painting
Concretism Constructivism Existential Art Feminist Art
Functionalism Hard Edge Painting Illustration Indian Space painting
Intimism Japonism Lettrism Lyrical Abstraction
Magic Realism Mail Art Metaphysical art Modern
Modernismo Muralism Naive Art (Primitivism) Naturalism
Neo-baroque Neo-Byzantine Neo-Concretism Neo-Dada
Neo-Romanticism New Realism Nouveau Realisme Op Art
Orphism Outsider art Pictorialism Pop Art
Post-Painterly Abstraction Precisionism Primitivism Purism
Regionalism Social Realism Socialist Realism Spatialism
Spectralism Standing Figure Suprematism Surrealism
Synchromism Synthetic Cubism Synthetism Tachisme
Tubism Verism

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Framed Modern Art Prints

We offer an unparalleled selection of famous modern art prints from an extensive list of artists, periods and artistic styles under the umbrella of the modern art movement. Our modern framed wall prints come in a variety of styles including such famous artistic movements as realism, expressionism and cubism. Our collection of sizes is perfect for any wall mounting, whether you want a smaller print for a subtle addition to a bedroom or one of our large modern art prints to make a statement on a large expansive wall. Regardless of your individual needs and tastes, we guarantee the lowest prices and satisfaction on each and every print we sell.

Spanning almost a century from the French Enlightenment to the social justice movements of the 60s and 70s, modern art is difficult to pin down to a specific artist or style. However, this diversity of style and interpretation is what makes modern art so enjoyable, regardless of your artistic preferences. Modern art saw the creation of such iconic movements as realism, cubism and expressionism, which not only changed the way artists perceived the world, but changed how artists viewed their medium, using unconventional materials and subjects to craft truly vivid and imaginative worlds on the canvas. This era is defined by the works of Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Edvard Munch, to name a few.