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Octavio Ocampo

A Mexican surrealist painter who was born in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico. If you take in his paintings from afar one comes away with the illusion of a single piece of art. An up-close view will reveal details that amaze. His optical illusion artwork has been appreciated by American President Jimmy Carter, then President of Mexico Jose Lopez Portillo and celebrities Jane Fonda and Cher.

Growing up in a family of designers, Octavio was immersed in art from an early age. Some of his earliest work was designing floats, and altars that were used in carnival parades and other festivals. Ocampo's high school years were spent painting murals which were featured in the City Hall of Celaya. As he grew so did his talents. This stunning artist excelled in not only painting, but dance, acting and sculpture work. Octavio has termed his surrealist paintings, "metamorphic" style. This art is highly detailed and features smaller images that are woven together to create a larger image.