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Perhaps the most iconic period of artistic expression in the history of modern humankind, the Renaissance represented more than just a change in artistic styles. Emerging in Italy around the 1400s, through the patronage of such influential family dynasties as the Medicis and with support of the Popes of this period, this artistic style was the illustration of a paradigm shift in how people viewed the world. As you appreciate renaissance art and compare it to the art of previous centuries, you will notice a distinct shift from modest depictions of figures to a fuller appreciation of the human body. This shift in style is due in part to the greater availability of philosophical texts due to the wide adoption of movable type. Further, as Europeans gained access to advanced mathematics pioneered by the Islamic scholars of previous centuries, a greater emphasis was placed on the scale and geometry of art, providing greater literal dimension to these works as well as a deeper level of meaning than could be imbued to previous European works.